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Translation Agency Filipek in Bremen and Wiesbaden

Create a basis for understanding and communication

We are your Translation Agency in Bremen and Wiesbaden for both private and business customers. Our top-quality focus is on specialist, certified and urgent translations. As a professional Translation Agency we also provide simultaneous interpreting services for conferences. Since the Agency was founded in 1994, we have been preparing sound/ (linguistically) accurate translations within the fields of economics, technology, law and science. Translation Agency Filipek in Bremen and Wiesbaden attends to numerous commissions/assignments from the most diverse sectors. Due to our long-standing experience, we have become experts in these fields and are therefore in a position to be able to offer you a wide range of services.

Evaluation of the text
its submission
Creation of the translation
Delivery of the created translation

Languages from all over the world

Translation Agency Filipek in Bremen and Wiesbaden offers professional foreign language solutions in more than 50 languages. Drawing on our long-standing experience, we create a basis for understanding and communication. We thereby ensure your success.

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